Sunday, January 16, 2011

and yes, a dragon.

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Well, mixin' it up on my fantasy art blog and posting a dragon sketch. Crazy! I actually do love drawing dragons, though I always feel sheepish if I tell that to someone. Except my high school art students. You don't have to explain why you make drawings of dragons to 9th graders. Which is awesome.

I will note that the ears on this dragon came about because a friend commented on the fact that I never seem to draw ears on my dragons. Well. This one's got some ears.

Any suggestions for a background for this piece? Also, what would you guess he/she's looking at??


Artist Sean Seal said...

I think MOST reptiles just have holes for ears. I suspect that dragon is having a little meeting with his dryad friend. I'm not sheepish about telling people I like to draw dragons. Fairies on the other hand...

Cara Nilsen said...

Do you have your infamous fairy drawings posted, Sean? I wanna see.