Sunday, October 24, 2010

So is it Pegasi?

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Lookee here, several sketches this week. I know, I'm spoiling you. But I do have a burning question: is the plural of pegasus actually pegasi? Or is it pegasuses? Please help me out if you have an educated answer for me.

Besides the pegasus or three, I did some mermaid sketching this week. Lots of fun playing with the flow-y hair and curving shapes. I guess this gal is a queen of some sort? Let me know if anyone has a story idea.

Lastly, I've got a tree drawing. Tree drawings are just something fun that I always enjoy doing.

I suppose everybody is gearing up for Halloween? I'll actually be out of town for the weekend. So you may or may not get a blog post out of me. It will have to be either early or late. We'll see...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pretty Arthurian Lady

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Okay, so these sketches are from a prompt from to visualize the Lady of the Lake from Arthurian legend. I figured it could be dual purpose since I'm working on mythological subjects. I haven't done many "romantic" figures like this exactly in a while, so this was pretty fun. Also, I love drawing swords... I have a couple of swords that I've bought because I "need" them for illustration reference purposes:) Well, see... here's me using them!

Is there another aspect to the legend of King Arthur that you would like to see visualized? And what do you think about the various film and tv versions that have been done? Any Excalibur movie fans? That is some shiny steel!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


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Well, I don't have a page o' sketches for you, but here's one of a pegasus that turned out cool. I'm still keeping my mythological creature theme.

Also, I thought I might offer up some art book recommendations from time to time. I have, um... a lot of art books. I've purchased many of them over time. Some have been given to me by people that know me pretty well:) Many have been given to me by my artist mom, and the two that I'm going to mention came as cool gifts from her (thanks, Mom!)
So, here are two that I often reference when I'm drawing horses, so I'm recommending:
-Draw Horses With Sam Savitt
-The Allen Book of Painting & Drawing Horses by Jennifer Bell

You should be able to find used copies online. Super handy!

Monday, October 4, 2010


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Okay, so this week I've been continuing sketches from creatures I did last week. Here are some more I worked up for Centaurs. I focused on doing some lady Centaur drawings, since you don't often see female Centaurs. I pulled out a bunch of my old horse drawings and my horse reference books. I love drawing horses, but haven't done much in a while. It felt good to get the feel for them again.
I'm still focusing on the characters, rather than the backgrounds at this point. I'm still working out story ideas for what could be going on in these pictures.
I'm still taking suggestions for what other creatures I should draw next too! :) Oh, and any story ideas for what could be going on. I got some good tips last week-- thanks to my facebook commenters!