Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Blog: A little about my illustration influences

Pin It Now! I'm continuing work on my Norse illustrations (just finished --I think-- "Loki" and am in the midst of "Nidhoggr, the great dragon"), but I thought I'd go in a different direction for my blog post this week.

Thought I would share something about my illustration influences and aesthetic. I look at a LOT of art/illustration as I'm always wanting to feed myself visually with what I'm trying to get to in my own work. I find Pinterest SUPER helpful for this. Here's a screenshot of my illustration board I keep:
It's called "Golden Age & Beyond" and I use the screen name "Nara Cilsen", in case you are interested in following it. At last count I have 518 pins of awesome illustration art that I'm into.

So I'm generally always looking at various art & illustrators and making new discoveries, but there are three "golden age" illustrators that are always in the back of my mind as my "core" influences:
N.C. Wyeth
Arthur Rackham
Maxfield Parrish

It's probably because these are the three artists that kind of blew my mind when I first started out as an art student. I suppose they set the tone for me that I've never gotten over. Some examples:
Maxfield Parrish - "Griselda"
Maxfield Parrish - "Enchanted Prince"
NC Wyeth - "The Black Arrow"
N.C. Wyeth - "Sentry"
Arthur Rackham - "Wotan furiously pursuing Brünnhilde"
Arthur Rackham - "Brünhilde with her horse"
Probably Arthur Rackham is the only influence that is apparent in my stuff. I definitely tend to go more for line and subtle color and value, more than the thick, chunky painterly sort of stuff of N.C. Wyeth. And I don't do the slick, clean, and vibrant color thing that Maxfield Parrish does. But there it is, that is what is at the back of my mind when I'm drawing and painting my stuff. I always WANT to bring in more of the thick, painterly & vibrant coloring of those artists... maybe I'll get closer to that someday :)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Post: Baldr drawing + Loki in progress

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"Loki" in progress...
Happy Monday and here's some of what I've got going. Currently I'm working on Loki's painting. I'm feeling a little behind on this one, but I'm excited about getting that tree to look really good :) I mentioned the story behind this image when I posted the drawing, but the quick version is that Loki is getting some mistletoe to use to kill the beloved god, Baldr.

Speaking of Baldr...

Here's my thumbnail and finished drawing for the Baldr painting:

Baldr is a son of Odin & Frigg, the brother of Thor, and is the god of light and purity. He also has the greatest ship ever built (!) called Hringhorni AND the most beautiful of all halls, Breidablik.

Monday, October 5, 2015

New painting: Nott, bringer of night

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Here's a painting I finished the about a week ago of Nótt, who is night personified. I have also included the initial thumbnail drawing for the completed painting.

Nott rides across the sky bringing the night with her hair and cape made of darkness and stars. Her skin is dark, and she rides her horse, Hrímfaxi, from whose mane the dew falls. In relation to the Norse godhead, she is actually Thor's grandmother. Day is personified in her son, Dagr.

I posted the sketch for this one a while ago, so I'm glad to finally share the final version of this one. I really enjoyed the horse on this one 'cause I love cool horses!