Monday, October 4, 2010


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Okay, so this week I've been continuing sketches from creatures I did last week. Here are some more I worked up for Centaurs. I focused on doing some lady Centaur drawings, since you don't often see female Centaurs. I pulled out a bunch of my old horse drawings and my horse reference books. I love drawing horses, but haven't done much in a while. It felt good to get the feel for them again.
I'm still focusing on the characters, rather than the backgrounds at this point. I'm still working out story ideas for what could be going on in these pictures.
I'm still taking suggestions for what other creatures I should draw next too! :) Oh, and any story ideas for what could be going on. I got some good tips last week-- thanks to my facebook commenters!

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Artist Sean Seal said...

I'd kind of like to see something with an ants eye view looking up at an under-lighted Centaur holding the dangling head of some creature that he recently dismembered. That's just me though. They could be baking cookies to if that's your thing. I'd also like to see some cave dwellers. JK