Wednesday, December 10, 2008

tree drawing

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  OK, so my two favorite subjects to draw are people and TREES!  I love their sculptural organic shapes...the trees I mean.  Well, people too, I guess:)
  Here's a tree drawing I did the other night when I was killing some time--I teach a night art class at Golden West College and I was waiting for the last student to finish his final project so I could go home.  It turned out to be cool getting to really spend some time on this drawing.


Pablo S. Herrero said...

That wonderful picture, I also love the shape of the trees are now in a splendid winter.

Proud Aunt said... are definitely my niece!!! Beautiful!

Jasmine said...

This tree looks like its fighting itself. I used to be the only person I knew that had a fascination with trees. Yay for the tree drawings!

Anonymous said...
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