Saturday, August 16, 2014

I think we're getting somewhere.

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Been a little absent lately -- the school year is gearing up so I'm prepping for teaching (this coming Tuesday, ahhh!), and just before that I did a bit of vacationing (got to finally see the Grand Canyon!).

Sooo, getting my groove back with my Norse series.  Perhaps the time away was just what I needed because I feel like I've made a break-through in painting my drawings.  Above you'll see a new painted version of Thor.  I really ended up going in a different direction that my initial experiment with the painting of Sleipnir.  I liked that one, but still didn't quite feel like I had really nailed it yet.  I'm feeling a lot better with this version.  Looking forward to continuing this style of coloring to the other drawings.



Sean Seal said...

I love this version of Thor. More of a gritty real dude incarnation. Also like that pose. Just enough tension so you get the idea that he's in motion and might just walk right on through the panel. Also, AWESOME!

Cara Nilsen said...

Thanks, Sean!! :D