Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ahh, Myths... like dragons!

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This week's Illustration Friday challenge (from was "Myth."  Couldn't let that one pass me by!  Plus, I had extra time this week because my teaching is mostly on break for Finals week.  Yes!

First off, I knew I wanted to do something with dragons.  Then I felt like I wanted to do something Celtic knotwork-ish.  Sketched around and came up with this fun little image.  Thought it would be fun to have a lady warrior challenging the beast.  I did the color and texture in a way that echoes the Book of Kells.  The technique was pencil sketch scanned and then colored in Photoshop.


Ailish said...


I, too, turned to dragons and Celtic knotwork for this theme, but I think yours comes off rather better. Aside from the more airy dragon, the parchment texture seems to add a lot over the flat beige background I used. Well done.

Cindy D. said...

Very cool! And really nicely done in this style!

Jen said...

I like it!