Saturday, July 25, 2009

preparing for the SCBWI Conference in LA

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Well, I'm finally managing to post a new blog. I've just been really busy with a lot of new work--yay!--and haven't had much time for anything else except sleep and work. I'm teaching a summer art class for kids every morning and afternoon during the week at OCHSA that lasts for 6 weeks. Next week is the last week...goes by so fast! It's been really fun actually and the kids have been great. They have a bunch of classes the kids can choose from and I'm teaching beginning drawing & painting. After classes though I've been beating it home to work on my illustration portfolio. I'm going to the annual SCBWI Conference in LA and I want to dazzle! I went to the conference last year (I also went a couple of years before that for the first time) and came away resolved to refocus my work and push myself to the next level. My porfolio this year is all new work and I'm pretty excited about it. The conference is right around the corner now--it's August 7-10--so I'm hurrying to prepare the best I can. The task that remains at this point is updating my website with my new work. I'll be getting that done in the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck!
P.S. Here are a couple of the new pieces that I've done lately--they were both painted digitally.


Kendra said...

WOW cara! your illustrations amaze me! prof mazellan has a way of inspiring us ,doesn't he! Awesome work!

Abigail Joy said...

Phil and I just saw them! Wow! It looks like us. What does painted digitally mean?

Cara Nilsen said...

Thanks, Abby (and thanks for you and Phil being models!). "Painted digitally" means I painted it on my computer using Photoshop brushes and my Wacom tablet--a tablet that hooks up to my computer that has a touch sensitive pen where the stokes show up on the computer screen.